Unverified Commit 05da121d authored by Ben Kochie's avatar Ben Kochie
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Fixup naming convention for process recording.

parent 5432105e
- name: Generic process
- record: process_cpu_seconds_total:rate1m
- record: instance:process_cpu_seconds_total:rate1m
expr: rate(process_cpu_seconds_total[1m])
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ groups:
runbook: troubleshooting/gitaly-down.md
title: Gitaly is down on {{ $labels.fqdn }}
- alert: GitalyFileServerCPUUsage
expr: avg(process_cpu_seconds_total:rate1m{environment=~"g?prd",job="gitaly",tier="stor",type="gitaly"})
expr: avg(instance:process_cpu_seconds_total:rate1m{environment=~"g?prd",job="gitaly",tier="stor",type="gitaly"})
BY (fqdn) / avg(instance:node_cpus:count{tier="stor",type="gitaly"}) BY (fqdn)
> 0.5
for: 1m
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