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# Management for
The GitLab Community forum is hosted under and is
powered by [Discourse](
All commands are to be run with root privileges.
## Deployment
***The node is a one-off.**
Discourse is deployed using Docker exclusively and for that they have the
[discourse_docker]( project
where they provide a Docker wrapper for deploying Discourse.
In the case of the GitLab forum, this repo is cloned under `/var/discourse/`.
The directory structure is documented in the
## Updating to newer versions
Generally, Discourse has an [admin web interface](
where you can upgrade to newer versions via the UI.
Sometimes this is not possible and the upgrade must be
[operated manually](
In short, you go to the directory where the deployment repository is cloned,
you pull in the latest changes and rebuild the Docker image:
cd /var/discourse
git pull origin master
./launcher rebuild app
The `app` is the name of the container currently under `/var/discourse/containers/app.yml`.
The Discourse team suggests:
- Update Discourse twice a month via web updater
- Update the container every two months
- Update the OS every six months
## Plugins
External plugins are normal Git repos and are defined in `/var/discourse/containers/app.yml`
under `hooks`.
### Plugins we use
We are using the following plugins:
- [discourse-omniauth-gitlab](
Discourse plugin for the omniauth-gitlab strategy with which you can sign in
to using your account. Once enabled, it's used
- [discourse-backup-uploads-to-s3](
Upload backups to S3. Once enabled, this setting can be enabled/disabled via the admin
### Adding or removing a plugin
1. Edit `/var/discourse/containers/app.yml`
1. Add/remove the plugin(s) Git URL(s) under `hooks`:
- exec:
cd: $home/plugins
- mkdir -p plugins
- git clone
- git clone
1. Rebuild the app:
cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app
When a plugin is updated in its upstream repo, you can update it via the admin
## Backup
The backup happens automatically once a day, it's stored locally, and we keep the
[latest seven](
## Running low on disk space
Running low on disk space might affect backups among others. To clean up some
space, run the `cleanup` command:
## Remove all containers that have stopped for more than 24 hours
cd /var/discourse
./launcher cleanup
## Cleanup OS packages
apt-get autoclean
apt-get autoremove
## In case NGINX logs take too much space
## See
## This should have been fixed upstream, but in any case
cd /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/var-log/nginx
du --max-depth 1 -x -h
rm access.log.1
truncate -s 1 access.log
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