Unverified Commit 8a75c49f authored by John T Skarbek's avatar John T Skarbek
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fixes a few charts that went to the incorrect places or times

parent a1d2d83f
......@@ -11,5 +11,5 @@ groups:
description: |
The rate of Sidekiq {{ $labels.controller }} Exceptions in {{ $labels.environment }} is high.
Check https://dashboards.gitlab.net/d/9GOIu9Siz/sidekiq-stats?panelId=58&orgId=1&from=1541138657538&to=1541160257538&fullscreen&var-environment=gprd&var-prometheus=prometheus-01-inf-gprd&var-app_prometheus=prometheus-app-01-inf-gprd
Check https://dashboards.gitlab.net/d/9GOIu9Siz/sidekiq-stats?orgId=1&panelId=58&fullscreen
title: 'High Rate of Sidekiq {{ $labels.controller }} exceptions in {{ $labels.environment }}: {{$value}}'
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ groups:
channel: alerts-gprd
severity: warn
description: Kernel versions are deviating across fleet, see https://performance.gprd.gitlab.net/d/UMGelaGiz/gitlab-kernel-versions for details
description: Kernel versions are deviating across fleet, see https://dashboards.gitlab.net/d/6xx-DC7ik/gitlab-kernel-versions for details
runbook: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/infrastructure/issues/4221
title: 'Different kernel versions are running in production for an hour'
- alert: CPUStalls
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