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Update the Runner updating on whole fleet code snippet

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......@@ -253,8 +253,22 @@ knife ssh -aipaddress 'roles:gitlab-runner-base' -- sudo service chef-client sto
knife ssh -aipaddress 'roles:gitlab-runner-base' -- systemctl is-active chef-client
# Update configuration in roles definition and secrets
rake edit_role[gitlab-runner-base]
git checkout master && git pull
git checkout -b update-runners-fleet
$EDITOR roles/gitlab-runner-base.json
git add roles/gitlab-runner-base.json && git commit -m "Update runners fleet to [X.Y.Z-...]"
git push -u origin update-runners-fleet
When the push will be finished - use the printed URL to open an MR. Double check if the
changes are doing what it should be done for the deployment, and set 'Merge when pipeline succeeds'.
After the branch will be merged, open the pipeline FOR THE MERGE COMMIT (search at
and check in the `apply_to_staging` job, if the dry-run tries to upload only the role file updated above.
If yes - hit `play` on the `apply_to_prod` job and wait until the job on Chef Server will be updated.
You can continue **after the changes are uploaded to CHef Server**.
# Upgrade Runner's version and configuration on nodes
knife ssh -C1 -aipaddress 'roles:gitlab-runner-builder' -- sudo /root/ &
knife ssh -C1 -aipaddress 'roles:gitlab-runner-gsrm' -- sudo /root/ &
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