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    Fixes the command that changes Shared Runners timeout. · bdc027dd
    Tomasz Maczukin authored
    For the migration process we need to ensure, that during the switch
    moment no job on Shared Runners will be running. The baclout window
    was scheduled to take 1 hour, and this is the timeout that we want
    to enforce on Runners.
    While we need to update the general Shared Runners named
    `shared-runners-manager-X.gitlab.com` - since the timeout is currently
    set to 3 hours, we should not touch `gitlab-org` labelled Shared
    Runners named `gitlab-shared-runners-manager-X.gitlab.com`.
    `gitlab-org` runners already are configured with a 1 hour timeout
    and this is the expected timeout for them.
    Since it aligns with what we need for the migration, I've updated
    the commands that are changeing the timeout. Now we're not touching
    the `gitlab-org` runners at all, which means that:
    - there is no change during the preparation step (`gitlab-org` runners
      during the migration will be set to 1h timeout),
    - the reconfiguration step (or the failover step) will not change
      the expected timeout of `gitlab-org` runners, which should be left
      as 1h after the migration is ended.
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