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Add script to fill event log gaps manually

See merge request gitlab-com/migration!201
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......@@ -337,6 +337,8 @@ state of the secondary to converge.
* You can use `sudo gitlab-rake geo:status` instead if the UI is non-compliant
* If failures appear, see Rails console commands to resync repos/wikis:
* On staging, this may not complete
* Fill event log gaps manually, by running the steps in:
* `/opt/gitlab-migration/migration/bin/scripts/02_failover/060_go/p03/fill-event-log-gaps.rb`
1. [ ] 🐺 {+ Coordinator +}: Wait for all repositories and wikis to become verified
* Staging:
* Production:
#!/usr/bin/gitlab-rails runner
GEO_EVENT_LOG_GAPS = 'geo:event_log:gaps'.freeze
def with_redis
::Gitlab::Redis::SharedState.with { |redis| yield redis }
# Get gaps tracked in redis
gap_ids = with_redis { |redis| redis.zrangebyscore(GEO_EVENT_LOG_GAPS, '-inf', '+inf', with_scores: true) };
gap_ids.each { |gap| puts "Found event log gap with id #{gap.first} @ #{ - gap.second} seconds ago" }; gap_ids.count
# Fetch the events from database, if they exist
gap_events = Geo::EventLog.where(id:; gap_events.count
# Use the daemon to process the gap events
daemon =; nil
gap_events.each { |gap_event| daemon.send(:handle_single_event, gap_event.first) }; nil
# Delete the gaps from redis
with_redis { |redis| redis.zrem(GEO_EVENT_LOG_GAPS, }
puts "Filled #{gap_events.count} gaps out of #{gaps_ids.count}"
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