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Merge branch 'fix-hostinfo-bash-3-2' into 'master'

bash3.2 compatibility for hostinfo

Closes #755

See merge request gitlab-com/migration!185
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......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ you see something happening that shouldn't be public, mention it.
- [ ] 🐺 {+ Coordinator +}: To monitor the state of DNS, network blocking etc, run the below command on two machines - one with VPN access, one without.
* Staging: `watch -n 5 bin/hostinfo`
* Production: `watch -n 5 bin/hostinfo fe{01..16} altssh{01..02}`
* Production: `watch -n 5 bin/hostinfo fe0{1..9} fe{10..16}.lb.gitlab.comalt ssh0{1..2}`
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