Commit d26563be authored by Alejandro Rodríguez's avatar Alejandro Rodríguez
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Merge branch 'resolve-bash-and-osx' into 'master'

Removes the use of `readarray`

Closes #720

See merge request gitlab-com/migration!153
parents eeaa2bb3 ee14c522
......@@ -10,8 +10,11 @@ else
declare -r disk_list='gcloud compute --project $GCP_PROJECT disks list --filter="name~'^postgres-.*-data'" --uri'
declare -a GCP_DISKS
readarray -t GCP_DISKS < <(gcloud compute --project $GCP_PROJECT disks list --filter="name~'^postgres-.*-data'" --uri)
GCP_DISKS=($(awk -F= '{print $1}' <(eval $disk_list)))
gcloud compute --project $GCP_PROJECT disks snapshot "${GCP_DISKS[@]}" &
for disk_name in `az disk list -g $AZ_RESOURCE_GROUP -o tsv --query "[*].name"`; do
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