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Merge branch 'remove-lua-script-remains' into 'master'

Remove final mentions of the LUA script

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-exporter!146
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remote: .
gitlab-exporter (11.0.0)
gitlab-exporter (11.0.1)
connection_pool (= 2.2.5)
pg (= 1.2.3)
puma (= 5.3.2)
......@@ -189,14 +189,9 @@ module GitLab
def connected?
return @connected unless @connected.nil?
# This is also a good "connected check"
Sidekiq.redis do |conn|
# Using administrative commands on conn directly (which is a Redis::Namespace)
# will be removed in redis-namespace 2.0.
conn.redis.script(:load, QUEUE_JOB_STATS_SCRIPT) unless conn.redis.script(:exists, QUEUE_JOB_STATS_SHA)
@connected = ( == "PONG")
@connected = true
rescue Redis::BaseConnectionError => e
@logger&.error "Error connecting to the Redis: #{e}"
@connected = false
module GitLab
module Exporter
VERSION = "11.0.0".freeze
VERSION = "11.0.1".freeze
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