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......@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ connect to the PostgreSQL instance in your GDK folder. For example:
bin/gitlab-mon row-counts --db-conn="dbname=gitlabhq_development host=/Users/<user>/gitlab-development-kit/postgresql"
### Running gitlab-monitor as a Web exporter
When serving the pages on `localhost`, you'll need to edit the YAML
configuration file. An example can be found under
[`config/gitlab-monitor.yml.example`](config/gitlab-monitor.yml.example). For
......@@ -62,5 +64,18 @@ each probe that has to connect to the database, set the `connection_string` to
Once you have this configured, you can then run:
bin/gitlab-mon web -c config/gitlab-monitor.yml
Once running, you can point your browser or curl to the following URLs:
* http://localhost:9168/database
* http://localhost:9168/git
* http://localhost:9168/process
* http://localhost:9168/sidekiq
[Prometheus Web exporter]:
[GitLab Development Kit]:
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