Commit 95ac022e authored by Patrick Steinhardt's avatar Patrick Steinhardt

ci: Fix missing deployment jobs for Git v2.28

While the test jobs for Git v2.28 were added already in 3e75b17a (Upgrade
to Git v2.28.0.rc1, 2020-07-20), the commit forgot to add deployment
jobs to the build matrix.

Fix this by adding two new deployment jobs for Git v2.28.
parent 26038fcd
......@@ -131,6 +131,8 @@ ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.25: *build_and_deploy_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.26: *build_and_deploy_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.27: *build_and_deploy_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.27-pgbouncer-1.14: *build_and_deploy_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.28: *build_and_deploy_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.14-git-2.28-pgbouncer-1.14: *build_and_deploy_custom
# Used by GitLab CE/EE:
ruby-2.6.6-golang-1.14-git-2.27-lfs-2.9-chrome-84-node-12.x-yarn-1.21-postgresql-11-graphicsmagick-1.3.34: *build_and_deploy_custom
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