Commit ddbacaf9 authored by John Cai's avatar John Cai

Adding go1.13 for gitaly

parent 1f41bc6f
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ ruby-2.5-golang-1.11-git-2.22 test: *test_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.11-git-2.22 test: *test_custom
ruby-2.5-golang-1.12-git-2.22 test: *test_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.12-git-2.22 test: *test_custom
ruby-2.6-golang-1.13-git-2.22 test: *test_custom
# Used by GitLab CE/EE:
ruby-2.6.3-golang-1.11-git-2.22-chrome-73.0-node-12.x-yarn-1.16-postgresql-9.6-graphicsmagick-1.3.33 test: *test_custom
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