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    Forcibly remove a non-empty project dir before cloning · 3635f816
    Steven Danna authored
    If multiple projects are using the same maching for building, they
    might have two different software definitions that share the same name
    but a different source. For example, the old omnibus-chef-server
    repository uses a git-based source for bookhself. However, the new
    chef-server repository uses a path-based source. If the new
    chef-server project builds before the omnibus-chef-server project, the
    build will fail with an error message from git complaining about a
    non-empty directory.
    NB: This clearly doesn't solve all the problems with having two
    projects building on the same machine with different fetchers for a
    given software. For example the two software definitions could both
    use git but via different git upstreams.
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