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Merge pull request #814 from chef/tm/make_link_so

sometimes we just need to gorram make a link
parents c786e4a9 c5991cdc
...@@ -660,12 +660,16 @@ module Omnibus ...@@ -660,12 +660,16 @@ module Omnibus
command = "link `#{source}' to `#{destination}'" command = "link `#{source}' to `#{destination}'"
build_commands << BuildCommand.new(command) do build_commands << BuildCommand.new(command) do
Dir.chdir(software.project_dir) do Dir.chdir(software.project_dir) do
files = FileSyncer.glob(source) if options.delete(:unchecked)
if files.empty? FileUtils.ln_s(source, destination, options)
log.warn(log_key) { "no matched files for glob #{command}" }
else else
files.each do |file| files = FileSyncer.glob(source)
FileUtils.ln_s(file, destination, options) if files.empty?
log.warn(log_key) { "no matched files for glob #{command}" }
files.each do |file|
FileUtils.ln_s(file, destination, options)
end end
end end
end end
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