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Update CHANGELOG and version for release.
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v5.2.0 (March 15, 2016)
### New Features
- License reporting (#635):
- Add `license` & `license_file` DSL methods to software.
- `license` (String): Sets the license of the software component.
- `license_file` (String): The relative path or the url of the license file of the software to be included in `"LICENSES"` directory.
- Can be used multiple times.
- You can use `:project_license` as a special value if the software is build related code and if it is using project's license.
- Add `license`, `license_file` and `license_file_path` DSL methods to project.
- `license` (String): Sets the license of the project.
- `license_file` (String): The relative path or the url of the license file of the project to be included in the file that will be created at project.license_file_path.
- `license_file_path` (String): The relative path of the main license file that will be created for the project. Default: `"LICENSE"`.
With this omnibus will:
1. Collect all the license files specified in software components into `install_dir/LICENSES` directory.
2. Create a license file at `install_dir/LICENSE` which will contain license of the project and license information for all the software components that are being included.
- Ability to change `dist_tag` in RPM packager. (#634)
- Ability to update submodules during git checkout. (#603)
v5.1.0 (March 10, 2016)
### New Features
......@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@
module Omnibus
VERSION = '5.1.0'
VERSION = '5.2.0'
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