Verified Commit b6ce0786 authored by Balasankar C's avatar Balasankar C Committed by Ian Baum
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Create licenses directory

parent 8ea22c8f
...@@ -1070,8 +1070,12 @@ module Omnibus ...@@ -1070,8 +1070,12 @@ module Omnibus
end end
def build def build
licenses_csv_dir = File.expand_path("licenses", install_dir)
FileUtils.rm_rf(install_dir) FileUtils.rm_rf(install_dir)
FileUtils.mkdir_p(install_dir) FileUtils.mkdir_p(install_dir)
Licensing.create_incrementally(self) do |license_collector| Licensing.create_incrementally(self) do |license_collector|
softwares.each do |software| softwares.each do |software|
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