Commit e2770054 authored by Balasankar C's avatar Balasankar C
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Merge branch 'trim-tokens' into '7.0.10-stable'

Remove tokens from manifest before rendering to file

See merge request gitlab-org/omnibus!18
parents 6296a353 08ffe2ab
......@@ -29,9 +29,15 @@ module Omnibus
def to_hash
# Strip tokens/passwords
safe_locked_source = @locked_source.dup
if [:git, :url].include?(@source_type)
safe_locked_source[@source_type] = @locked_source[@source_type].sub(/:[^\/\/]*@/, '@')
locked_version: @locked_version,
locked_source: @locked_source,
locked_source: safe_locked_source,
source_type: @source_type,
described_version: @described_version,
display_version: @display_version,
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