Unverified Commit e3f31f53 authored by Lamont Granquist's avatar Lamont Granquist Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #776 from chef/lcg/improve-appbundling

Support appbundler 0.11.0
parents 7f3652f8 9aa7f313
# Copyright 2012-2014 Chef Software, Inc.
# Copyright 2012-2018, Chef Software Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
......@@ -372,19 +372,38 @@ module Omnibus
# @param (see #command)
# @return (see #command)
def appbundle(software_name, options = {})
def appbundle(software_name, lockdir: nil, gem: nil, without: nil, **options)
build_commands << BuildCommand.new("appbundle `#{software_name}'") do
app_software = project.softwares.find do |p|
p.name == software_name
bin_dir = "#{install_dir}/bin"
appbundler_bin = embedded_bin("appbundler")
lockdir ||=
app_software = project.softwares.find do |p|
p.name == software_name
if app_software.nil?
raise "could not find software definition for #{software_name}, add a dependency to it, or pass a lockdir argument to appbundle command."
command = [ appbundler_bin, "'#{lockdir}'", "'#{bin_dir}'" ]
# This option is almost entirely for support of ChefDK and enables transitive gemfile lock construction in order
# to be able to decouple the dev gems for all the different components of ChefDK. AKA: don't use it outside of
# ChefDK. You should also explicitly specify the lockdir when going down this road.
command << [ "'#{gem}'" ] if gem
# FIXME: appbundler lacks support for this argument when not also specifying the gem (2-arg appbundling lacks support)
# (if you really need this bug fixed, though, fix it in appbundler, don't try using the 3-arg version to try to
# get `--without` support, you will likely wind up going down a sad path).
command << [ "--without", without.join(",") ] unless without.nil?
# Ensure the main bin dir exists
shellout!("#{appbundler_bin} '#{app_software.project_dir}' '#{bin_dir}'", options)
shellout!(command.join(" "), options)
expose :appbundle
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