Commit f1cab366 authored by Scott Hain's avatar Scott Hain
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Enable expeditor for builds and versioning

Signed-off-by: default avatarScott Hain <>
parent b27819d6
notify_channel: omnibus-rfr
maintainer_group: chef/omnibus-maintainers
version_tag_format: "v{{version}}"
- built_in:bump_version:
- "Version: Skip Bump"
- bash:.expeditor/
- built_in:bump_version
- built_in:build_gem
# After a PR merge, Chef Expeditor will bump the PATCH version in the VERSION file.
# It then executes this file to update any other files/components with that new version.
set -evx
sed -i -r "s/^(\s*)VERSION = \".+\"/\1VERSION = \"$(cat VERSION)\"/" lib/omnibus/version.rb
# Once Expeditor finshes executing this script, it will commit the changes and push
# the commit as a new tag corresponding to the value in the VERSION file.
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