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      Merge pull request #477 from chef/ssd/move-directory-get-out-the-way · ce20a434
      Steven Danna authored
      Forcibly remove a non-empty project dir before cloning
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      Forcibly remove a non-empty project dir before cloning · 3635f816
      Steven Danna authored
      If multiple projects are using the same maching for building, they
      might have two different software definitions that share the same name
      but a different source. For example, the old omnibus-chef-server
      repository uses a git-based source for bookhself. However, the new
      chef-server repository uses a path-based source. If the new
      chef-server project builds before the omnibus-chef-server project, the
      build will fail with an error message from git complaining about a
      non-empty directory.
      NB: This clearly doesn't solve all the problems with having two
      projects building on the same machine with different fetchers for a
      given software. For example the two software definitions could both
      use git but via different git upstreams.
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      `generate changelog` can now generate changelog between two refs · eff27e06
      Steven Danna authored
      This commit add support for the following:
      - optional arguments for the starting and ending revisions to base the
        changelog off of.
      - reading the start and end revisions from the appropriate version
      - reading the new version from the version manifest
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      Merge pull request #451 from ClogenyTechnologies/test-kd/ubuntuppc64el · edb06414
      Seth Chisamore authored
      dpkg uses arch name ppc64el (instead of ppc64le) for little endian.
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      Cache Builder#shasum before Builder#build to ensure consistent result · be342106
      Steven Danna authored
      The Builder#shasum is based, in-part, on the build_commands in the
      instance of Builder. This is problematic because the `block` DSL
      method allows users to use other Builder DSL methods inside of it, all
      of which mutate the build_command array when #build is called. Thus, a
      given builder will return a different shasum before and after build is
      Caching shashum at the beginning of build fixes this problem, but has
      a major drawback. Namely, two builders with the same shashum might
      execute different commands.
      This problem is partially mitigated by the fact that the builder
      shashum is just a part of the software shasum, which will typically
      include the actual text of the software definition as part of its
      This will not catch software definitions where the build steps can
      produce different based on the system state, such as this:
        block do
          Dir.glob("#{install_dir}/embedded/apath/bin/*").sort.each do |f|
            link bin, "#{install_dir}/embedded/bin/#{File.basename(f)}"
      However, that will always be a problem since we allow pure Ruby in our
      build steps.
      Fixes #450
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      add comments · 772a7972
      kaustubh-d authored
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      dpkg uses arch ppc64el for little endian. · ae883693
      kaustubh-d authored
  20. 13 Mar, 2015 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #446 from chef/ssd/static-version · 07483855
      Steven Danna authored
      Respect append_timestamp config when constructing a version number
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      Respect Config.append_timestamp everywhere · 6801f8d9
      Steven Danna authored
      Previously, Config.append_timestamp was only respected by the
      Omnibus::BuildVersion.semver function. This option is now respected by
      the dsl-based version builder as well, ensuring that even when the
      user specifies an explicit version with a string, a timestamp is
      This is a behavior change for some users. Users who do not want a
      timstamp can alter their configuration.
      We've added backwards compatibility for those using the 'semver' style
      versions to ensure that we do not append a timestamp to a version
      already containing a timestamp.
  21. 11 Mar, 2015 1 commit