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clarify chef-client runs and attribute locations

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......@@ -10,7 +10,11 @@ in the works.
### Update Attributes
The first step is to update the attributes that control what version and checksum
are used to download and verify the docker-machine binary.
are used to download and verify the docker-machine binary. The attributes may
be stored only in the role secrets OR the split between the role definition itself
and `chef-vault`. Currently, `omnibus-builder-runners-manager` is using the
only the secrets and `gitlab-shared-runners` is using the both the role definition
and secrets.
To view the secrets, run the rake task to show secrets. Please replace
`omnibus-builder-runners-manager` in the below command with the role you are
......@@ -42,14 +46,28 @@ Once we have this data we can update the attributes by using the following comma
$ rake edit_role_secrets[omnibus-builder-runners-manager,_default]
For this example, the attributes should look like the following,
"docker-machine": {
"version": "0.9.0-rc2",
"source": "",
"checksum": "ff61c2f688778719b0ceb5a1062a3ae9f2a83daa06a1d4551b5f19a6432507db"
A commit message will be required for this command. Please use a descriptive message
about what has changed *and* why.
### Run chef-client
Now that all that has been done, you will need to actually log into the machine and
run `chef-client`. Once the run is complete, please verify that docker machine has indeed
been updated.
Now that all the changes have been done, `chef-client` will need to run in order to apply
these changes. Depending on urgency, you can run the client manually by logging into the
runners. However, `chef-client` runs automatically about ever 30 minutes, so you can also
just wait.
In order to verify that the upgrad was successful, you can use the following command
to check the `docker-machine` version.
$ /usr/bin/docker-machine version
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