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......@@ -84,3 +84,43 @@ sudo -u gitlab-psql touch /tmp/gitlab_replicator.trigger
This will promote the host these commands were executed on to the primary.
## Setting up Secondaries
Currently setting up a secondary requires some manual steps. First of all, make
sure that the replica has the following Chef roles assigned:
* `gitlab-cluster-base`
* `gitlab-cluster-db`
* `gitlab-cluster-db-replication`
These roles will take care of enabling hot stanby mode and the other settings
needed to get replication going.
Next, SSH into the secondary and run the following:
sudo gitlab-ctl start postgresql
sudo gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade
This is necessary because currently Omnibus defaults to PostgreSQL 9.2, and we
need 9.6.
Once this process is done you should run the following:
sudo /root/
This script will ask you to enter the primary's IP address (be sure to use the
internal/local IP) and the password to use for the recovery account. The
password can be found in the DevOps vault in 1Password, under the name "postgres
It may take a while for the above script to finish. As such it's best to run
this script using `tmux` or `screen` and check back in an hour or so.
Once done this script will generate a recovery file that PostgreSQL will use for
the replication process. This file can be found at
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