Commit cd8c65b2 authored by Marat Kalibekov's avatar Marat Kalibekov Committed by GitLab

Updated message for git cat-file alerts

parent 765f1402
## Sidekiq Queues
## 'git cat-file' processes
ALERT git_cat_file_high
IF sum(process_count{name="git cat-file"}) >= 40
FOR 5m
FOR 1m
LABELS {severity="warn", channel="infrastructure"}
title="Number of 'git cat-file' process is high - {{$value}}",
description="`git cat-file` processes are high for the 5 minutes, this may be under control, but I'm just letting you know that this is going on, check"
description="*git cat-file* processes are over {{$value}} for the last minute, this usually impacts GitLab availability. Consider killing these processes or limiting access in HAProxy."
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